The church is not called to dance to the tune of the world. If we do, we won’t win. No matter what dance we choose, fault will be found. We’ll either be too somber or too silly, too radical or too conservative, too “this” or too “that”. Our dance is to Christ and Christ alone. The Scriptures are our music and the Gospel is our tune. The Lordship of Christ is our symphony and discipleship our musical score. – The Rev. Marc Robertson

M.A.C.N.A. (Musicians of the Anglican Church in North America) will be an organization supporting both priests and church musicians together in their work of ministry through music and worship. As the Provincial Music Task Force continues its work of providing music resources for the Province, the formation of MACNA will be an important facet of our planning together.

The vision for the organization is to develop effective ways for church musicians and priests to communicate with another, to encourage one another, and to learn from one another including the planning of future Music and Worship conferences for the Province.


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