Contemporary Music

It is important in our worship that we in some measure experience the “opening of the doors of the spirit”.  There are all sorts of doors which need to open: doors of grief, burden, hurt, fear, worry, sadness, joy.  Furthermore, our desire to experience that which is beautiful, and good, and true represents a hunger for God in our lives. There is a tremendous hunger for transcendence in worship I believe; to know more than that which is part of our finite lives.  Clearly, a live worship experience is vibrant with “untellable recognition” and I sense that when worship really happens, that our lives are reconfigured into “eternal mode”.  – Thomas Troeger, Trouble at the Table

Acoustics are usually the last thing we think of in building design and the first obstacle we confront when trying to preach, or sing, or worship in a room. What the floor is to a dancer, acoustics are to a musician. “No doubt, if you put a musician into a great live acoustical environment they will automatically get feedback from that environment and play [or sing] better.”  – Hans Zimmer (composer)

Here we will present resources for learning to more effectively lead worship music through a Folk Group or Praise Team. These resources will include “how to’s” in both video and Q & A formats on everything from visual presentation, to the use of and arranging for melodic instruments such as flute, trumpet, oboe, violin, etc., to the use of the guitar and bass, to the use of percussion instruments, to the use of digital and acoustic keyboards, and to more effective miking of the group as well as testing balance, sound mix, and volumes. It’s a tall order.

We encourage you to look under the main heading Hymns and Spiritual Songs for a church season Worship Planner (Years A, B, and C). For a philosophy of leading, participating in, and choosing music for Praise Teams and Folk Groups we encourage you to read the fine offering from The Rev. Joe Gasberre under the Pastor and Church Musician Relationship main heading. Also the offering from Mark K. Williams under Music Leadership Philosophy is worth a look. And finally, you will find several excellent articles on the effective use of and leadership of contemporary music in worship, as well as criteria for how to successfully choose contemporary songs, under both the Hymns and Spiritual Songs and the Keyboards main headings.



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