Service Music

On this page we present several Masses and Liturgical Settings along with downloadable scores for organ, piano, guitar, and worship bulletins. Also included are demonstration recordings for most of the music. The included Settings have been chosen for their singability, their quality of composition, and their proven effectiveness in worship.

CHRIST MASS (Coming Soon! Reprinted with permission)

PSALLETO MASS (Reprinted with permission)

NEW JERUSALEM MASS (Coming Soon! Reprinted with permission)

WILLAN MASS (use CCLI License to reprint this)


MERBECKE MASS (In the Public Domain)

Merbecke Mass Video Recording


United Adoration represents a creative grassroots association for liturgical music composition in the Province. Although some of their melodies are more suited for cantor or soloist, we encourage you to give them a listen and have included here a link to their website.


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